Birchy Hill is encouraging their visitors to bring in their children to give them the chance to socialise with elderly Residents.

We also teamed up with some students from Bournemouth University to come in.

A local independent school has also shown their interest to join us for regular sessions, too.

Young and old together read stories, bake bread, share photographs or engage in arts and crafts sessions. The younger children just love to sing a song or have a chat. Some of them find their own Grand or Great Grand parent in Birchy Hill, others hardly ever have had contact to the older generation.

Young people were also invited to join us for special occasions like Easter or Christmas or even National Care Home Day. For many years Sway Primary School and Brockenhurst College have been visiting Birchy Hill for special events before Christmas – highlighting our residents days.

The children’s laughter brings a smile into the residents faces, and it might be the beginning of little treasurous friendships overcoming the age difference. Intergenerational activities are so valuable. It is a wonderful and joyful experience watching our residents interacting with the young guests, enjoying each other’s company.

To welcome the very young ones, Birchy Hill implemented a special children’s corner in Peggy’s Café with child friendly furniture, toys and crafts.


As part of our intergenerational activities we invited students from Bournemouth University to join us for our Easter celebrations.

On Easter Sunday they dressed happily up as Easter Bunnies and handed out a lovely chocolate egg to all Residents.

Everybody was delighted by our happy bunnies.

A very big Thank you to Aaron and Alana who spent that lovely time with us.