Friday afternoon was Party Time at Birchy Hill!

This time we invited Graham Bennett to entertain us with “Swing and Jazz” music.

The Residents were thrilled by his performance and gave him a roaring applause.

Thank you, Graham, we are looking forward to your next visit!

BEAR WITH ME………………….

We seized this lovely morning and visited a nearby Garden Centre.

Our Residents liked the big display of plants, but most of all they loved the bear, made from artificial grass!

Everyone had a nice little chat over a cup of coffee, sitting in the morning sun, before we were heading back for lunch.


There is no weather when we wouldn’t enjoy a nice boat trip with the Alison MacGregor.

When our boat left the lock at Hythe Marina we had wind force 5 from South / South West. The sky was overcast, and it was a little wavier, but nevertheless, everybody enjoyed the trip.

Our Residents were accompanied by some Family members, which made the day out even more memorable. On our way back it was raining, but nobody took any notice.

Everyone was joking, laughing, or chatting about all these lovely impressions.


As we had the most wonderful sunny summer we planned our annual Residents’ BBQ Party to be held in Birchy Hill’s lovely gardens.

Everything was prepared, but then…. it started to rain, it started to pour down with rain, and we had to rethink all our party preparations. Luckily, we had a plan B and transformed the largest of our conservatories and the adjacent lounge to an indoor patio.

Everybody could enjoy the yummy BBQ food, our Chef Alan Moon presented.

Many Residents and guests loved a glass of Pimm’s or any other drink, best of all, everybody stayed dry.

Musical entertainment was provided by Nigel Revell, a gem for every party.

Even the shiest of our Residents were singing, clapping and cheering up to the captivating guitar tunes. Everybody had an enchanting afternoon and left with a big smile and some nice words about the successful amusement.

A very big ‘Thank You’ to all, who made this afternoon happen.