…. National Baking Week – Part 2

The third day of our baking week was dominated by biscuits.

We made the cake mix together, then the Residents helped to cut the different biscuit shapes.

We had pumpkin, witches, and ghost shapes to choose from. The last step was to decorate them after they came back from the oven – and to eat them, decorated or not!

Cup cakes were on the menu for day four.

We whisked all ingredients together, put the mix into a cup cake tin and waited to get the ready cakes a little later from the oven.

The Residents liked to decorate them with icing and lots of sprinkles. They were eaten quickly -before lunch time.

A very big ‘Thank you’ goes to our Head Chef “Samantha” who prepared everything and supported the Leisure and Lifestyle Team soooo much.

It’s great to have you here.


And Birchy Hill celebrates “National Baking Week” in style

There was one baking activity on every four days this week.

On Monday we made lovely crusty cheddar cheese and onion bread, which was quickly eaten by our Residents.

The smell reminded some on baking bread for their families or when they were children and had this smell in the house when they arrived back from school.

On Tuesday, we made doughnuts!

After hitting the yeast dough, we formed little balls which had to be deep fried in the kitchen.

They were ready for afternoon tea and everybody enjoyed the yummy taste of doughnuts made by ourselves.


This week we had a craft session with the motto ‘Halloween Decorations’.

Our Residents decided to decorate small paper pumpkins to make a garland which you will be able to see in Peggy’s Café when the decoration is up for our ‘Happy Halloween Party’.

Everybody was very busy cutting and pasting.

We all had lots of fun.


What is better to start a new week than having fun and laughter with loud music that you can join in with the singing.

Our Breakfast Club this week was musically supported by “British Pub Music”

All the Residents were singing, clapping and whistling while they had their coffee and homemade bread fresh from the oven.

Let a happy new week begin….


…… And a Saturday High Tea

Many of our Residents and guests enjoyed Alastair Hume’s piano tunes to our monthly “Saturday High Tea”.

The Residents hummed to the music or chatted along while they enjoyed a lovely prepared High Tea.

Some new cake creations were just a dream.

A very big Thank you goes to our Chef “Samantha Nash” and to “Alastair Hume” the Pianist.