For many days Birchy Hill has spent preparing themselves for Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day.

We put Poppies and flags in and outside the Home and put up a display in Reception area. The residents made their own little remembrance crosses and were painting and making Poppies in their Arts and Crafts sessions.

Tony Devereux from St Luke’s Church in Sway delivered a short Remembrance Service last week. Saturday night and Sunday morning the residents had the possibility to watch the televised programme from the Royal Albert Hall and the Cenotaph.

On Monday, at 11.11 hours we had a minute of Silence. Afterwards we stayed together to listen to related poems and hymns.


..The 5th of November’

Yes, we did remember, but not with a big bonfire or a spectacular firework, but with a lovely little tea party and piano music.

We ‘burnt’ our Guy indoors and be assured the residents were very much amused about the way I lifted Guy up to his place on the ‘fire’.

A big ‘thank you’ to Alastair, the pianist, and the kitchen team preparing a lovely tea.


Birchy Hill picked up an old tradition that their residents remember from their childhood – ‘A Penny for the Guy’.

This tradition was where children fill old clothes with straw to make an effigy of Guy Fawkes and wheel the Guy around for days leading up to Bonfire Night on 5th November.

The effigy would go up in flames on top of the bonfire. “Penny for the Guy” is the idea that children in Britain collect money to buy fireworks for Guy Fawkes night.

Many of the residents remembered how it was when they were children wheeling their own Guy through the streets. It started a lot of conversations at Birchy Hill.

By the way, the ‘pennies’ we collected was not used to buy fireworks, we will donate it to the Charity ‘Children in Need’.


This year’s Christmas Spectacular started on Saturday with a performance by the Lymington Town Band.

A very big audience listened to the first Christmas carols and well-known winter tunes were played by 12 members of the friendly brass band.

Our Chef Sam prepared a very indulging High Tea, and everybody tucked in.

A very big ‘Thank you’ to the Band, our kitchen team and everybody else helping to make this afternoon such an enjoyable time.