Birchy Hill – ‘Namaste’ in Action

After an intensive 3 day training for all staff in Birchy Hill we could finally see Namaste in action. Prof Joyce Simard showed us how to put the information into practice. The room was scented with lavender spray, darkened, and soothing music was played. Washing hands and faces, and using cream to massage hands the Namaste style was one part. The other important part was to snuggle the residents into warm blankets, giving them lots of fluids and letting them suck lollypops. The residents enjoyed the afternoon and liked cuddling toy dogs, cats and “babies”. It was a very relaxing atmosphere and everybody got into the Namaste spirit. Angelica, one of our Senior Health Care Assistants, volunteered to be our Namaste Champion – she will overlook and provide Namaste Care in Birchy Hill in future – congratulations!

Birchy Hill – 4 Lovely New Residents

Last weekend four young ladies moved into their own residence in Birchy Hill’s back garden. Myrtle, Lucy, Nancy, and Maggie settled in very well and love their villa with fox proof garden. You might be surprised, but they spoil us every morning with 4 fresh laid eggs! Yes, the ladies are young hens! They are the attraction for our residents and have regular visitors who are entertained with a cheerful “buck – buck – buck”.
A very big welcome from all of us.

Birchy Hill – Residents marveling Wolseley 75

Residents in Birchy Hill marvel and try the Wolseley 75 in the purpose built “Wally’s Garage”. The automobile was purchased for reminiscence activities and all residents like to have their little “ride”. The car was manufactured by British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1960. The upholstery is in blue leather, wood veneer is used on fascia and door cappings, and the exterior is in a light blue paint. The car port which houses the Wolseley 75 is a wonderful shelter for the car and its “drivers” and is called “Wally’s Garage” after one resident’s relative who kindly gave us the right of first refusal.

Summer BBQ Party at Mabbs Hall

We had a nice bbq party at Mabbs Hall on 1st September from 2pm till 4pm.All the residents and most of the relatives were there. We had a residents/relatives meeting at 2pm and followed by the party outside in the Garden. All the residents enjoyed the lovely whether and the entertainment music programme by Ann and Charley.