This week at Newlands we have been celebrating the “Festival of Chanukkah” – This is also known as the “Festival of Lights” – It is an eight day festival beginning on the 25th Day of the Jewish Month of “Kislev”

Chanukkah is one of the best known Jewish Festivals because it is so close to Christmas and therefore it adopts many of the Christmas customs such as “Gift-Giving and Decorations”

The only Religious observance related to the holiday is the “Lighting of the Candles”. The Candles are arranged in a Candelabrum which is called a “Menorah” – This then holds nine candles – One for each night



A local Radio channel supports challenged children in the area at Christmas. We collect Christmas presents on their behalf for children in all age groups to make them a little happy and show them Father Christmas did not forget them.

We believed a relatively large box would be big enough to hold all the donations, but see yourself, it has already flown over, and more presents arrive every day.

Thank you for all your help!