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Birchy Hill – ‘Namaste’ in Action


After an intensive 3 day training for all staff in Birchy Hill we could finally see Namaste in action. Prof Joyce Simard showed us how to put the information into practice. The room was scented with lavender spray, darkened, and soothing music was played. Washing hands and faces, and using cream to massage hands the Namaste style was one part. The other important part was to snuggle the residents into warm blankets, giving them lots of fluids and letting them suck lollypops. The residents enjoyed the afternoon and liked cuddling toy dogs, cats and “babies”. It was a very relaxing atmosphere and everybody got into the Namaste spirit. Angelica, one of our Senior Health Care Assistants, volunteered to be our Namaste Champion – she will overlook and provide Namaste Care in Birchy Hill in future – congratulations!

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